Our experience ensures that we are intimately familiar with the services available in the supply chain industry and know how to put these to the best use. As a result, our clients benefit immensely from doing business with us as we help simplify the often arduous process of navigating the supply chain industry.

We aim to become a leader in supply chain management and this is driven by our most valuable resource - our people. Our customers can count on every Goldbrooks employee for a high level of commitment, creativity and a spirit of true partnership as we collaborate to achieve shared success.


  • Our supply chain consulting group is built on customer intimacy. This arm of our business specializes in working closely with our clients with the aim of helping them achieve the optimum value for their organization.
  • We help our clients formulate strategies that are based on latest-thinking and by carrying out critical assessments of our clients' value chain, we are able to provide sound advise aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their supply chain network.
  • With several years involvement in large scale projects in order fulfillment logistics, business process re-engineering and enterprise resource planning systems implementations across several countries, Goldbrooks is well positioned to provide guidance on the effective use of Information Technology to increase the efficiency of your supply chain operations.


  • As organizations strive to focus on core competencies and become more flexible, they reduce their ownership of raw materials, sources and distribution channels. Goldbrooks' in-depth understanding of our customers' changing needs, as well as those of the dynamic sectors they operate in enables us offer them fast and proactive outsourced contractual services for their sourcing, procurement and field operations locally and internationally. Through outsourcing, we help our clients perform their activities in a more cost-effective manner.
  • This results in an increased number of organizations being involved in satisfying customer demands, while reducing management's involvement in daily logistics operations. By doing this, we help improve inventory visibility and speed of inventory movement. This frees up our clients to increasingly focus on activities in the value chain where they have a distinctive advantage leaving us to take care of all other enabling functions. We take responsibility for the entire supply chain, ensuring complete peace of mind.
  • Working closely with our clients' procurement and sourcing functions, we leverage economies of scale as well as skills and relationships we have garnered over the years with international and local suppliers in servicing our clients' operations in the Aviation, Oil & Gas, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Manufacturing and Telecommunication sectors.


  • Our contract logistics team provides transport, warehousing, inventory control and marine logistics services to our clients. Depending on customers' requirements, Goldbrooks offers the flexibility in transport modes and has the resources to design the most economical solution.

  • Goldbrooks' marine logistics team offers support services to the offshore and shipping industry. The main activity of this group is to provide offshore and marine support services to the offshore energy industry through the operation of a fleet of offshore marine service crafts.

  • Our operations involve the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing and material handling. We act as a channel of the supply chain which adds the value of time and place utility to our clients. Our team plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet our client's requirements.