Strategic Sourcing


As organizations strive to focus on core competencies and become more agile, they reduce their ownership of raw materials, sources and distribution channels. Goldbrooks’ in-depth understanding of our customers’ changing needs, as well as those of the dynamic sectors they operate in, enables us offer our clients fast and proactive outsourced contractual services for their sourcing, procurement and field operations locally and internationally. Through outsourcing, we help our clients perform their activities in a more cost-effective way.

This results in an increased number of organizations being involved in satisfying customer demands, while reducing management’s involvement in daily logistics operations. By so doing, we help improve inventory visibility and speed of inventory movement. This frees up our clients to increasingly focus on activities in their value chain where they have a distinctive advantage leaving us to take care of all other enabling functions. We take responsibility for the entire supply chain, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Working closely with our clients’ procurement and sourcing functions, we leverage economies of scale and scope as well as skills and relationships we have garnered over the years with international and local suppliers in servicing our clients’ operations in the Aviation, Oil & Gas, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Manufacturing and Telecommunication sectors.